Canadian Brand Value

There are no shortage of studies ranking the value of brands – usually Coca-Cola is at or near the top and the rest of the world’s brands jockey for position after that.  This time around, Google has edged into first place – maybe a sign of the times.

In the latest study, a Canadian company has made the top 100. The study pegs the brand value of the Royal Bank of Canada at US$13.6 billion, number 39 on the top-100, ahead of popular consumer brands like Pepsi, Nike and Sony. 

Another Canadian favourite, Tim Horton’s, is ranked number 5 in the fast-food category, beating out international franchise icons like Pizza Hut and Burger King. 

While this doesn’t mean that Tim’s or RBC has generated the kind of international recognition enjoyed by Nike, Sony or Pizza Hut, it does mean that some Canadian brands generate enough income for their owners that they are ranked in the big leagues.  If you have recently paid a “convenience fee” at an RBC ATM to get cash to pay for your double-double, then you are doing your part to help Canadian brands.


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