Can a Canadian Website Operator Be Sued in US?

A Nevada federal court has decided that the mere operation of a website accessible to Nevada users is, by itself, not enough for a Nevada court to assert jurisdiction over the operators of the site.  This case, Mullally v. Jones, Civil No. 06-14867, 2007 WL 628367, dealt with a website operator based in the UK who tried to avoid the jurisdiction of the Nevada court.  If the same analysis is applied, the reasoning should also hold true for a website operator based in Canada.  The Nevada court applied the Ninth Circuit’s analysis from the 1997 case Cybersell v. Cybersell in reviewing the nature of the site and the contacts between the site and the state in question.  In Mullally v. Jones the website operator did not have any other contacts with Nevada and did not purposefully direct business to Nevada residents.

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