Canadian Online Music Royalties

Digital music has come a long way since the revolutionary CD was first introduced in 1983. Now a computer company – Apple Inc. – dominates the music market and the Copyright Board of Canada has just decided that 7.9 cents on every 99-cent iTunes download must make its way back to the copyright collective.

The Board issued its decision on Friday on the tariff covering online music in Canada. The Board ruled that in the case of permanent downloads, 7.9% of the price of a song must be paid back to copyright holders as a royalty. For subscription-based downloads, the tariff is 5.9% of the cost of a month’s subscription, and for on-demand streaming music, the rate is 4.6% of the monthly subscription cost. This brings to an end several years of debate on the tariff and represents a compromise between the music stores and representatives of copyright holders.

Calgary – 21:00 MST

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