Canadian Sound Marks

Since our earlier post last year (Sound Marks in Canada), the road has been open for non-traditional “sound mark” applications in Canada. These are trade-marks that are perceived as sound rather than visually as a word or design. So far, about 20 applications have been filed in Canada, from the 1 second “YUMMM” mark, applied for by Red Robin restaurants, all the way to the Harlem Globetrotters’ SWEET GEORGIA BROWN MELODY, which tips the scales at 2 minutes 49 seconds.

If you want to seek protection for a sound mark, the application should:

  • state that the application is for the registration of a sound mark;
  • contain a drawing that graphically represents the sound;
  • contain a description of the sound; and
  • contain an electronic recording of the sound.

If you want advice on sound marks, we’ll lend an ear: Contact Us.

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