Judgement Against Gucci Counterfeits

Courtesy of GucciFor intellectual property lawyers, sting operations against counterfeiters of luxury handbags is what dreams are made of. An undercover sting - complete with a clandestine meeting at a Toronto gas station, undercover agents and hidden cameras – resulted in a trade-mark infringement award against a reseller of copycat merchandise such as Gucci handbags, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss items. In Guccio Gucci S.p.A. v. Mazzei, 2012 FC 404 (CanLII)  the counterfeiter was slapped with an $85,000 damage award. 

This was based on the rough math of infringement in Canada: damages of $3,625 per infringement against flea market vendors and “itinerant sellers”; $7,250 where the infringer is operating from a “fixed retail establishment”; and $24,000 against importers, distributors and manufacturers.


Calgary – 07:00 MDT

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