Copyright: Canadian Update


A few updates on copyright in Canada. The concept of “fair dealing” is the one to watch.

  • Copyright Reform: Bill C-11 (the copyright reform bill) is currently in Committee in Parliament, meaning the bill has gone throughcopyrightimage.jpg first reading, and second reading, and is being is being further examined and debated. The next stage would be third reading before it becomes law. The digital-lock provisions remain among the most contentious. The proposed law also features expansion of “fair dealing” exceptions.
  • SCC: Last December, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) heard 6 different copyright appeals, including an analysis of “fair dealing“. The court’s decision is expected sometime in 2012. When it is released, it will be closely scrutinized against the changes proposed in Bill C-11. (Related Article: Copyright Cage Match)
  • New Class Action: Last week, a new copyright class action suit was certified (Waldman v. Thomson Reuters Corporation, 2012 ONSC 1138), which will also tackle “fair dealing” issues. This case claims that Thomson Reuters copies court documents that have been authored by lawyers, and sells them through a searchable database. The suit alleges that Thomson Reuters infringes copyright of the authors of those court documents by reproducing them without permission.

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