iPhone App Trips Over Copyright


Copyright complaints against apps are now common, and this one frames the issues nicely: In Shanti Deva Korpi v. Apple Inc. , 1:11-cv-00906- LY (U.S. District Court) a photographer who posts her photos to Flikr, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that two iOS apps – one of which was entitled “Unofficial Guide to Hipstamatic” – engaged in a practice of scraping and republishing her photos, without authorization or attribution. According to the claim, this is a violation of copyright.

In Canada, the recent decision of the B.C. Supreme Court in Century 21 Canada Ltd. Partnership v. Rogers Communications Inc., deals directly with this issue (see my commentary Coming to terms with online copyright published in the November 25, 2011 issue of the Lawyers Weekly). The B.C. case is not an app-related dispute, but the court makes it clear that copyright will be enforceable in situations where content (including images) is scraped off the internet, and is then repackaged and republished without authorization.

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