App Take-Down


An app developer in Vancouver has been threatened with a take-down notice by CBC, in connection with his radio-streaming app sold through the Mac App Store.  The CBC has complained of copyright and trade-mark infringement, and Apple has reportedly threatened to pull the app if the developer and the CBC cannot come to an agreement. The dispute raises the classic issues of what constitutes copyright infringement: is an app, a photocopier, or an MP3 player, or a car radio for that matter, a tool which facilitates copyright infringement by allowing the copyright-protected works to be copied without the consent of the owner? Canadian law says …. it depends. In the CCH case , the Supreme Court of Canada reviewed the question of when someone is liable for facilitating or “authorizing” infringement. The court was clear that “authorization” means to approve of the infringement, and concluded “a person does not authorize copyright infringement by authorizing the mere use of equipment (such as photocopiers) that could be used to infringe copyright.”  The mere act of providing the means of infringement is not an act of infringement.

Calgary – 07:00 MDT

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