App Law Update – Part 3


Are you a Canadian app-developer? One of the most common concerns I hear from my app-developer clients is this: how do you comply with laws around the world when your app is published on the App Store? Not an easy question to answer as these stories show. Here are a few updates from the wonderful world of app-related disputes and litigation:

  • This story notes the importance of reviewing app-related privacy issues: a recent US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlement with app-developer W3 Innovations shows that the FTC will be scrutinizing the mobile app market for privacy violations, particularly violation of children’s privacy.  In the US, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is specific privacy legislation that does not have an equivalent in Canada.
  • The Lodsys patent infringement attack against iOS app developers has expanded to target Android developers and (reportedly at least one) BlackBerry app developer (updates here), as well as established game developers, including EA and Atari. Apple has sought to intervene in the case, to argue that their license agreement with Lodsys should shield iOS developers from patent infringement. Google may feel compelled to go to bat for Android developers. Which means Lodsys is locking horns with Apple, Google, RIM and EA.  

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