Domain Name Update: .xxx Blocking Process


Canadian trade-mark owners take note: The .XXX top-level domain is a new sponsored TLD designed for the adult entertainment industry. It is expected to launch in 2011. Trade-mark owners can make use of a blocking procedure to ensure that their trade-marks are not reflected in .XXX domain names. The opt-out process blocks names at the .XXX registry so these names cannot be registered by others. This will be available to trade-mark owners for a fee during the “Sunrise B” period. This period will commence in September 2011 for a period of 30 days. As an example, Microsoft might make use of this procedure to block the registration of “” as a domain name. For further details see: and see this related article IPRota White Paper on xxx Launch.

Contact the Field trade-mark team for assistance on taking advantage of the blocking process. 

Calgary – 07:00 MDT 

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