An iPhone by any other name?

Apple unveiled yet another iconic product at MacWorld today: the iPhone, a sleek, multifunction device with a full touch-screen which solves the design problem of packing a number pad and a QWERTY keyboard onto a device meant to slide into your shirtpocket.

The iPhone seems destined to follow in the iPod’s footsteps as a consumer favourite. However, trade-mark lawyers must raise the question: what do they plan to call the thing? Apple’s application for the trademark “iPhone” is being opposed in Canada by Comwave Telecom Inc. which claims rights dating from 2004 in association with local and long distance telephone services, and VOIP telephone services. In the US, the “iPhone” mark is claimed by no less than four companies: Teledex LLC, XTREME Mobile LLC, Ocean Telecom Services LLC, and CISCO Technology, Inc. the last of which has a trademark registration. Apple hasn’t even applied for the trademark in the US. Apple must have a plan of some kind and let’s hope it will be another example of creative thinking. Otherwise this branding exercise will hit a brick wall.

Calgary - 22:15 MST

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