Canada’s Clean Energy Strategy

Should Canada develop a national clean energy strategy?

There have been calls for a coordinated national approach to leverage Canada’s ability to compete for investment in the clean-energy market, which was worth over $160 billion in 2009. Earlier this year, a report was released to review the rationale for national coordination on this issue [Link to Report: Towards a National Clean Energy Strategy].

Momentum is building: for example, part of this national investment in cleantech is underway through the federal incentives and investment in clean technologies, including through SDTC (Sustainable Development Technology Canada). Alberta has the potential to leverage its own expertise in energy development to take a lead in this arena and Alberta companies have cornered 15% of SDTC funding. The Alberta government also offers various incentives in the biofuels sector (the Bioenergy Producer Credit Program) as well as funding for GHG-reduction technologies through the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund. CIPO’s recent announcement about a fast-track program for cleantech patents also helps Canada keep pace with the US, UK and South Korea.

Related Reading: The National Post interviewed Richard Stobbe for an article on the plan to fast-track cleantech patent applications: Canada plays catch-up on cleantech patents

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