Copyright Decision Expected

Calgary – 10:22 MST – The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) has been very active on the copyright battlefield: its decision in the CCH case (link) has breathed new life into the “fair dealings” exceptions under the Copyright Act. “Fair dealing” is the carve-out in the Copyright Act giving users (including students, educators and others whose use is considered “fair”) certain rights to use works protected by copyright. This week, the SCC is expected to enter the fray again when it renders its decision in the case of Robertson v. Thompson Corp., a case pitting a freelance writer against a newspaper publisher. This case deals with the rights of publishers to copy works and rebublish them in databases. Robertson is the Canadian version of the famous 2001 US decision in New York Times v. Tasini (famous for copyright lawyers anyway). We’re eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court’s latest offering.

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