Open Source Software Licensing

Regardless of what you are distributing – shrink-wrapped CDs, online applications or smartphone apps – software licensing takes on an added layer of complexity when open source software issues are part of the mix.  The law in the US has been clarified thanks to the Jacobsen v. Katzer case, which was finally dismissed last month after the parties reached a settlement. As part of the settlement, a permanent injunction was entered, stipulating that Katzer must refrain from “reproducing …modifying … or distributing” the open source material.  (See our previous post: Open Source Update: Cisco Sued & New Ruling in Jacobsen vs Katzer).

To avoid GPL violations, make sure you get good advice on an OSS policy for your organization, and avoid the fate of Best Buy, Samsung, Westinghouse, and JVC – all of whom were named in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) in December 2009.

Richard Stobbe will be speaking at a conference in Calgary on April 9 on the subject of Open Source Licensing: Copyright & Beyond

Calgary – 09:00 MST

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