RIM Protects BlackBerry Turf

As our market-driven society evolves, branding will present an ever-growing challenge.  How do you distinguish yourself from a field of competitors and navigate through the minefield of existing trade-marks?  

Samsung tried to do that in early December when it launched its new BlackJack, a “smart” phone with email capability and QWERTY keyboard.  Competitors noticed.  In particular, one little Canadian company that makes a “smart” phone with email capability and QWERTY keyboard that you may have heard of: BlackBerry.  Last week, RIM sued Samsung for trade-mark infringement. BlackJack and BlackBerry.  Confusingly similar?  A California court will decide.  The lesson for business?  You better have a high degree of confidence in your trade-mark before you spend millions launching that next product.


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  1. Richard Stobbe February 10th, 2007 3:43 pm

    In February 2007, RIM and Samsung announced a settlement, which permits Samsung to continue the use of the BLACKJACK trademark, but reportedly forces the withdrawal of the trademark application and places other limits on use.

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