Trade-marks for Small Business

Calling all small business owners. Remember that nagging feeling that you should get a handle on your brands and trade-marks? Here’s a local cautionary tale that illustrates why trade-marks are critical for small business. A popular chain of Calgary eateries has been trading under the name NELLIE’S for years.  Last month, the 5-restaurant chain was cited for highly publicized health code violations.  The problem?  Another local eatery, also trading under the name NELLIE’S, but independently owned and operated, is now caught up in the bad press, even though it had no violations.    

Lessons for business?  There are many reasons to protect your brand, and this is just one of them.  A unique, distinctive brand that sets you apart from the competition, will help avoid “guilt by association” and will help your business become stronger and more valuable.  Contact us to review options and strategies for trade-mark protection.


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