Another Microsoft Appeal in i4i Case

The court injunction preventing infringing sales of Microsoft Word (see: Microsoft Loses Patent Appeal) went into effect on Monday. While the company says it is complying with the court order, MS has submitted another appeal in the patent infringement case, asking a panel of 11 judges of the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to review the case and quash the original judgment.

Typically, appeals are heard by a three-member panel.  Microsoft already tried that and lost in December, 2009.  Any review of a decision of the US Federal Court of Appeals should properly be made to the US Supreme Court, but Microsoft’s latest tactic is referred to as an “en banc rehearing”, a type of review at the Federal Court of Appeals level which can be permitted for “precedent-setting questions of exceptional importance”.  The court will decide if this question qualifies for such a rehearing, and if not, then Microsoft will likely take the appeal up to the Supreme Court.

Calgary – 9:00 MST

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