Licensing Apps

A mobile app is just like any other software application and should be properly licensed to end-users.  Even for free versions, the app developer is not giving it away, but merely making a copy available to the user under certain conditions. 

Recent updates to the iTunes Store software have made it possible for app developers to make full-text end-user license agreements (EULA) available to purchasers. Not many app sellers take advantage of this, though sophsticated game developers such as Electronic Arts have lost no time in using the improved tools to post full versions of their EULAs.  Developers who sell their apps through other channels – such as titles in Blackberry App World – will have to tailor their EULAs to each channel.

Developers should get advice on licensing their apps to protect their intellectual property rights. The default end-user license that is embedded in Apple’s SDK Agreement is generic and limited and developers should consider the benefits of inserting their own tailor-made license.

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