Launching App Law in Canada

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Businessweek’s recent article “Inside the App Economy“ shows that mobile applications are evolving from a geek-niche to a powerful industry sector. Not convinced? Consider the case of Zynga, a US app developer that has gone from zero to $100 million in revenues in just 2 years. Canadian app developers are also ringing up sales through the iTunes store.  Fortunes are being made 99¢ at a time. As more platforms, smartphones and mobile devices come on-stream - including BlackBerry, Palm, Android, Google, Yahoo, Facebook - the industry will continue to grow.

This brings us to the emerging body of “app law” that is being articulated by the courts, as developers jostle for position in the marketplace. Richard Stobbe will be presenting to the Vancouver iPhone Forum on November 24th on the subject of app law and intellectual property issues in Canada.  Bookmark applaw.caâ„¢ on your iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or other mobile device for continuing updates in this field.

Calgary – 09:45 MST

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