Battle of the Beer Brands

courtesy of Brick Brewingcourtesy of Anheuser-BuschPutting a lime in your beer is nothing new. But branding it apparently is. US brewing giant Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. and Canadian Brick Brewing Co. Ltd. are locked in an intellectual property dispute over their labels for lime-flavoured beer. The makers of “Bud Light Lime” complain that Brick’s “Red Baron Lime” is an infringement of copyright and trade-mark rights in the label.  Have a look and decide.  This dispute leaves aside the more important question of why beer needs to come pre-packaged with lime in the first place.

This isn’t the first brand battle for Brick.  Earlier this year, Brick agreed to change its Red Baron labels in the face of a lawsuit by Labatt.

Calgary – 9:45 MST

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