Should Canada Fast Track CleanTech Patents?

In some countries (notably, the UK and South Korea, and now Australia) cleantech inventions are being earmarked to receive expedited examination in the patent office (See for example: Green Channel for Patent Applications (UK), and this announcement about changes at the Korean IP Office, plus this post about Australia’s plans). This practice covers “environmentally-friendly technologies”, such as those in the fields of prevention of water pollution and air pollution, waste disposal technologies, recycling, and others.  Sure, this should be a good thing for the environment, but make no mistake – this is also about maintaining a national competitive edge as patented cleantech inventions gain importance in the global economy. 

Should Canada implement such a procedure?

Calgary – 10:30 MST


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  1. Richard Stobbe September 23rd, 2009 1:31 pm
  2. […] the typical multi-year process. The United States introduced such a system in 2006. As reported on, Australia, South Korea and the UK have followed suit with 2009 initiatives. Those hailing the […]

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