It Takes a (PC) Village… for Copyright Infringement

It was another long battle for Microsoft, this time against a retail chain in Toronto trading under the banner “PC Village”.  In April, a Federal Court judge in Microsoft Corporation v. PC Village Co. Ltd. (2009 FC 401) awarded damages of $10,000 per copyright violation for a total of $150,000; plus $50,000 in punitive damages against all defendants jointly and severally; and a lump sum of $50,000 for solicitor/client costs and disbursements.  This means both the corporations and the individual employees are liable for the total award of $250,000.00 in damages.  The defendants initially resisted the allegations, retained a lawyer and appeared to mount a defence.  Then their defence collapsed, the defence lawyer resigned, and Microsoft won the case.

Microsoft appears to be continuing its piecemeal strategy of battling software piracy one pirate at a time. (See: Microsoft Scores Software Piracy Win and Copyright Infringer Hit with Fine )

Calgary – 15:30 MST

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