Canadian Copyright Class Action

A Quebec Superior Court judge has approved a class action in the case of Electronic-Rights Defence Committee ERDC c. Southam Inc. 2009 QCCS 1473 (search for ERDC in Superior Court judgements), a copyright case dealing with the inclusion of freelance articles in online databases, which could prove to be as important as the 2006 Supreme Court of Canada decision in Robertson v. Thomson Corp., 2006 SCC 43 [See: New Copyright Decision Released], the copyright battle pitting freelance writer Heather Robertson against the publishers of the Globe and Mail.

The impact on business? Just because you think you own the copyright in a particular work, don’t assume that right includes the right to reproduce the work in any and all media. We have been advising clients to include contractual language to clarify the rights of reproduction to include digital media.

Calgary – 18:20 MST

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