Olympic Lawsuits

VANOC, the organizer of the 2010 Olympics, has launched another lawsuit in the lead-up to the 2010 Winter Games, this time to block ticket scalping. The suit filed in March against Coast2Coast Tickets alleges trade-mark violations in the effort to curb unauthorized ticket resales. The claim alleges the ticket reseller is using protected Olympic marks to give the public the impression that there is some affiliation with VANOC.  Over the past few years VANOC has also pursued trade-mark remedies against:

  • a domainer who registered the domain names vancouver2010.org, vancouver2010.net, vancouverwhistler2010.net and vancouverwhisterler.com ;
  • the owners of a business calling itself “Whistler Olympic Real Estate” and operating a website using the Internet domain name  ; and
  • a distributor, Teepee Handicrafts Ltd., who sold and distributed merchandise bearing marks such as VANCOUVER 2010 and 2010 VANCOUVER WHISTLER without the permission of VANOC  .

Olympic litigation is likely to increase over the next year, as ambush marketing and unauthorized sales heat up in advance of the games.

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Calgary – 10:30 MST

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