US Patent Jurisdiction Decision

The Eastern District of Texas has gained notoriety as a magnet for patent lawsuits.  Plaintiffs will commence lawsuits there with the hope that pro-patent-owner juries will be convinced to decide the case in favour of the patent owner and award significant damages.  The district also has a reputation for moving patent cases along efficiently, which can benefit a well-prepared plaintiff.

The Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals issued its decision in the case of Re TS Tech USA Corp. a few weeks ago, and agreed to transfer a case from the Eastern District of Texas to the Southern District of Ohio, on the basis that the lawsuit had more of a connection to Ohio than Texas.  This could trigger transfers of other patent lawsuits that do not have the required level of connection to Texas. Defendants TS Tech USA Corp, TS Tech North America, Inc. are based in Ohio and the Plaintiff Lear Corporation is a Delaware corporation based in Michigan.

In earlier posts ( Welcome to Texas: Keep Your Powder Dry ; Patent Infringement Update ), we noted cases involving Canadian companies caught up in patent lawsuits commenced in Texas.  The case of Re TS Tech USA Corp. also dealt with a Canadian defenant, auto-parts manufacturer TS Tech Canada, Inc., based in Ontario.  The TS Tech decision is one more strategic tool for Canadian defendants to challenge jurisdiction.

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