Canadian Do-Not-Call List In Effect

The Canadian Do-Not-Call List (DNCL) goes into effect tomorrow. 

The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission) is coordinating the DNCL and starting September 30, Canadian consumers can register their telephone numbers on the DNCL for free.  The DNCL is designed to reduce the number of telemarketing calls and faxes directed to consumers, and is to be financed from telemarketers’ subscription fees. 

If consumers still receive telemarketing calls 31 days after registering on the DNCL, they may file a complaint, and violations may give rise to fines of up to $1,500 for individuals and $15,000 for corporations.  In practice, it is often difficult for consumers to determine which organization is calling, so complaints will likely be limited to situations where the telemarketer is easily identifiable.

Of course, there are limitations. Consumers must renew their registration every three years if they want their number(s) to stay on the National DNCL.  Exempt telemarketers include:

  • registered charities seeking donations;
  • newspapers looking for subscriptions;
  • political parties and their candidates;
  • companies that have an existing business relationship with a consumer (within the previous 18 months); and
  • organizations directing calls and faxes to businesses.

Also, this is unlikely to prevent annoying calls from American telemarketers who will be beyond the reach of the CRTC. 

However, it is a good step forward.  Now the government needs to tackle national anti-spam legislation.

Calgary – 10:30 MST

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