Our Trademark Anthem

With glowing hearts, we protect our brand.

VANOC, the organizer of the 2010 Olympics, has unveiled the new Olympic motto “WITH GLOWING HEARTS“.  Of course, some will criticise the choice because it lifts a line from the Canadian national anthem. I can understand why VANOC wants to use the motto with disposable cameras, stuffed mascots and athletic events… but “navigation of down hole probe assembly for oil drilling and drilling assemblies for routing underground utilities”?  Maybe they have an official supplier of downhole probe assemblies for drilling oil.

In any event, VANOC isn’t the only one registering parts of the anthem as a trade-mark.  Canadian patriots will be happy to know that our anthem is well-protected by other trade-mark owners:

OH CANADA (registered for use in association with whiskey)

HOME AND NATIVE LAND (registered for key chains, mugs, coasters and place mats)

TRUE NORTH (registered for footwear namely shoes, boots, slippers and sandals)

STRONG AND FREE (registered for T-shirts, sweaters, and hats)

WE STAND ON GUARD (registered for water purification systems)

Don’t worry, there are several brandable phrases still available. The Americans have the same problem. Someone registered the opening line: OH, SAY CAN YOU SEE? (Reg. No. 2089762) registered in 1997 for clothing.

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