File-Sharing: A Questionable Win for Recording Industry

The Quebec Torrent case (past stories here and here ) appears to have ended with the recording industry claiming victory.  Last week a Quebec court issued a permanent injunction against the operators of the P2P site, effectively shutting down the site and turning off the exchange of music files, television shows and other content.  The order prevents the site’s operators from using “any technology allowing the download of any work protected by copyright.” 

A victory? That part is questionable. This order was not a result of a full trial that would have canvassed the issues in court.  The defendant essentially capitulated at the eleventh hour, consenting to the order in exchange for an agreement by the recording industry to drop a $200,000 damages claim.  And remember the P2P site managed to defeat the recording industry’s application for a preliminary injunction earlier in the case.  So this order is by no means a definitive ruling by the court.

Canada is still waiting for its first direct decision on peer-to-peer file sharing.  Meanwhile, the recording industry is expected to use this order as a way of trying to shut down other P2P sites.  If you operate such a site, you can expect a letter containing a copy of the order in the near future if you haven’t received one already.

Calgary – 10:35 MST

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