Update: eBay and the Taxman

In a story we posted last year, eBay lost when the Canada Revenue Agency compelled disclosure of its records – specifically, records showing how much money was earned in Canada by so-called “PowerSellers”. 

The Federal Court of Appeal (eBay Canada Limited vs. The Minister of National Revenue, 2008 FCA 141) has now upheld that lower court decision, and ordered eBay Canada Ltd. to produce the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses as well as gross sales figures for all Canadian PowerSellers.  eBay’s argument that the records were stored in the US and did not reside in Canada, was not accepted by the Court and this decision has implications on a number of levels – the right to privacy for anonymous eBay sellers, as well as the production of documents by US and other foreign companies doing business in Canada.

 Calgary – 10:15 MST

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