Look Out Apple, Here Comes Meizu

There was a time when the words “Made in Japan” were synonymous with cheap, low quality trinkets. Today those words are the hallmark of high-quality electronics. The words “Made in China” are on the same path. From an intellectual property and trade-mark perspective, there are cheap knock-offs – like Mickey-Mouse t-shirts and pirated DVDs. And then there are legitimate, cutting-edge imitators that just might beat the original product in its own backyard.

Case in point: the Meizu M8 or miniOne (the one on the right, if you were wondering) is in the vanguard of made-in-China products that will soon be competing directly against Western technologies like the Apple iPhone (on the left). Not only in the US, Canada and Europe, but perhaps more importantly, in the ballooning consumer markets in China and India.

The miniOne is no slouch in the technology department and it appears to be backed up by its own IP portfolio – Meizu’s patent application in China was laid bare earlier this month (See images from the patent application from the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC or SIPO). In this arena the game for IP owners is no longer one of trying to squelch cheap knock-offs, but to compete head-to-head, armed with IP protection for patents, trade-marks and copyright, at home and overseas.  And to watch out for the miniOne in a store near you.

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