Trade-mark Injunction Update

Our earlier post reviewed one of the decisions in the ongoing trade-mark dispute between Cross-Canada Auto Body and Hyundai, the Korean car manufacturer.  This is a dispute over the distribution of Hyundai auto parts.  Hyundai’s injunction application recently failed on appeal (Hyundai Motor America v. Cross Canada Auto Body Supply (Windsor) Limited.), under the three-part test set out by the Supreme Court of Canada:

  1. There must be a serious question to be tried in the main action.
  2. It must be demonstrated that in the absence of an interlocutory injunction the plaintiff will suffer irreparable harm; and
  3. It must be demonstrated that the balance of convenience as between the parties favours the grant of an injunction against the defendants.

The Federal Court of Appeal reinforced the prevailing law that injunctions can be difficult to obtain in trade-mark cases and this factor must be taken into account in any trade-mark litigation strategy. 

Calgary – 10:45 MST

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