Lululemon: The Value of a Brand

A brand is brought into sharp relief in the glare of the media spotlight. 

On a “tip” (from an investor short-selling Lululemon shares), the share price of the Canadian apparel-maker went for a ride this week.  The reputation of the LULULEMON ATHLETICA brand came under scrutiny amid allegations over the seaweed content of the company’s VITASEA clothing line.  Today the company countered with assurances about the results of independent tests and the share price was back up.

The brand lessons for business?

  • In a fast-paced media environment, a small story can snowball and grab world headlines.  The response must be quick but also consistent across the company.  Confusion within will only fuel speculation.  Lululemon quickly engaged one of its contractors to re-test the fabric and put the matter to rest.
  • If there were problems with the fabric, then the contracts with manufacturers and suppliers would quickly come into play. As a preventative measure, quality assurance provisions and warranties are critical components of any outsourcing agreement such as a manufacturing agreement or product supply contract.


Calgary – 14:20 MST

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