Pfizer Wins Canadian Patent Skirmish

U.S.-based drug-maker Pfizer  scored a win this month at the Canadian Federal Court in its fight with Ranbaxy.  Ranbaxy, a generic drug manufacturer based in New Delhi, is India’s largest pharma company.  The Canadian court granted Pfizer’s application for an order preventing Ranbaxy from launching its generic product in Canada until expiration of Pfizer’s patent in 2016.  It is expected that Ranbaxy will appeal this decision.  Ranbaxy has enjoyed some success in other jurisdictions in getting its generic products approved.

In Canada and the U.S., billions of dollars worth of patented drugs will expire or go “off patent” in the next five years, which means competition will continue to intensify among brand name and generic drug makers for marketshare.  After patents on blockbuster drugs expire, the brand name manufacturers are trying new tactics. Merck’s Zocor cholesterol pill generated over $4 billion in sales in 2006.  After the Zocor patent expired, Merck announced plans in 2007 to cut prices of Zocor to try and stave off competition from incoming generics.  

We’re likely to see more of these patent battles between the Pfizers and Ranbaxys of the world.


Calgary – 11:00 MST

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