Thanks Old Economy, We’ll Take It From Here…

In the midst of the dot-com boom, a brilliant bit of ad copy appeared to promote one of the many overnight companies riding the wave of interest in the “New Economy”. It read “Thanks Old Economy, we’ll take it from here…” and it captured the brash, over-confident tenor of the times.  

It has become clear since then that the “Old Economy” still has lots of life in it, and the “New Economy” has survived its growing pains to become slightly more mature. 

KPMG has authored an interesting look at “Enterprise 2.0: Fad or Future?“, the process of applying Web 2.0 technologies to increase efficiency and effectiveness within business.  Many traditional sectors of industry are now adopting new models of transacting business – models that would have appeared revolutionary even to the dot-com boomers in 1999.  And many new companies in the information-media sector are building value in a traditional way, with actual revenue.  In both cases, intellectual property legal issues from copyright to trade-mark to patents are front and centre and require careful management, the old fashioned way.


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