Dot-Asia Domain Coming Fall 2007

The dot-asia top-level domain (for example: is the Asian cousin of the dot-eu domain which was launched for Europe in 2006. The new dot-asia domain will be introduced in phases, starting in October 2007. 

According to the preliminary information provided by the registrar, anyone can be a registrant for dot-asia domains.  In order to satisfy the eligibility requirements, one of the associated contacts for the applied domain must be a “legal entity in Asia” which means either a natural person or an organization such as a corporation within the Asia-Pacific region as defined by ICANN.

Trade-mark owners whose trade-marks were applied for in the designated Asia-Pacific region prior to March 16, 2004 will be eligible for advanced registration during the dot-asia sunrise period . Canadian companies with trade-marks in Asia should review their eligibility and consider submitting their applications to take advantage of the sunrise period.  This kind of preventive measure can save significant costs when compared with chasing cybersquatters after the general registration opens.


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  1. […] Canadians doing business in Asia with registered marks there should not forget about the dot-asia sunrise period. In our earlier post  we refered to the general scope of the roll-out of the dot-asia domain.  The Sunrise 2a period is only open for few more days.  Generally, Sunrise Phase 2 is designed for holders of registered trademarks and/or service marks. Sunrise 2 divided into 3 sub-phases: Sunrise 2a (or “Early Bird Sunrise”), Sunrise 2b (or “General Registered Marks Sunrise”) and Sunrise 2c (for Extended Protection). Sunrise 3 allows registered “juristic entities” based in the DotAsia Community to apply for domain names corresponding to their registered name. Check the guidelines to see whether your organization fits into the definition of “juristic entity” based in Asia for these purposes. The relevant dates are: […]

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